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A Simplified, Low-Cost Analytical Method for Dioxins: GC/MS Analysis of Dioxins with GCmate and a Large-Volume Injector

The Japanese government, through various guidelines and the JIS standard, regulates analytical methods for dioxins from preliminary treatment to data acquisition to data processing. The guidelines specify a high resolution gas chromatograph – high resolution mass spectrometer system (HRGC/HRMS) as a final analytical instrument and a resolution of 10,000 for the mass spectrometer.

These methods, however, are quite costly if executed as the government recommends. Since the Law Concerning Special Measures Against Dioxins went into effect in January 2000, dioxin samples to be analyzed are expected to multiply in a few years to come. Researchers are concerned that the high cost of analysis per sample will affect the scope and quality of their studies. As a result, simplified methods for dioxin analysis are in dire need to streamline the analytical process and reduce the cost.

There are different steps involved to simplify the process: 1) simplified sampling; 2) simplified preliminary treatment; 3) compact, low priced instruments; and 4) efficient data processing. As a mass spectrometer manufacturer, JEOL identifies a simplified analytical method for dioxins as a compact, low priced analytical system:

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