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Analysis of Additives in a Polyethylene Storage Bag by Using the Q1500 Direct Insertion Probe

Product: JMS-Q1500GC MS System


The Direct Insertion Probe (DIP) option permits rapid analysis of solid or liquid samples without gas chromatography. Samples contained in a disposable glass capillary are introduced with the DIP directly into the Q1500 ion source through a vacuum lock. The DIP temperature can be programmed for fast or slow heating to desorb or pyrolyze samples for analysis. In this example, we use the DIP to detect additives in a low-density polyethylene storage bag.


Scissors were used to cut a small piece (approximately 1mm x 0.5 mm) from a corner of the plastic bag. The solid sample was introduced into a glass capillary (2 mm O.D.), which was then inserted into the DIP.

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