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Convert AccuTOF™ LC into Nano-LC/MS System: An Application of Peptide Analysis


Nano-LC/MS has demonstrated many advantages, including lower sample consumption, higher mass sensitivity and less matrix effect. Here, we introduce a very simple method to convert regular AccuTOF™ LC system into a nano-LC/MS system without high cost. An application of peptide analysis was used as an example to test the nano-LC/MS system. The RSD of retention time for gradient elution is less than 1%.

What you need

  • AccuTOF time-of-flight mass spectrometer (JEOL)
  • Agilent 1100 HPLC with binary pump (JEOL or Agilent)
  • NanoESI source (JEOL)
  • 6 port external loop sample injector (Valco, part number C2-0006)
  • Peek tee (Upchurch, part number P-727)
  • Peek tubing, 1/16’’ OD x .0025" ID (Upchurch, part number 1560)
  • Microtight sleeve, .0155 x .025 (Upchurch, part number F-185X)
  • Microtight union (Upchurch, part number P-720)
  • SilicaTip™ Emitter
  • (New Objective, part number FS360-50-30-CE-5-C15 for the flow rate of 300 – 1000 nL/min;
    part number FS360-75-15-CE-5-C15 for the flow rate of 200 – 500 nL/min)
  • Integrafrit column (recommend New Objective Proteopep II™ C18 column, part number IFC75-PP2-10)
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