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High-Energy CID MS/MS Analysis of Small Organic Molecules


The JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF™ is a MALDI-TOF MS that uses an innovative spiral ion optics system to achieve the highest resolution currently available for a MALDI instrument. As a result, small organic molecules can be analyzed on this system with minimal interferences from the matrix peaks. Additionally, the JMS-S3000 is available with a TOF-TOF option that can acquire highenergy collision-induced dissociation (CID) product ion spectra for monoisotopically selected precursor ions. In this work, we analyzed several small organic molecules by using the JMS-S3000 with the TOF-TOF option.

Results and Discussion

The proline sample was measured using positive ion mode which produced an [M+H]+ ion at m/z 116. This ion was monoisotopically selected as the precursor ion for TOF-TOF analysis. The resulting high-energy CID product ion spectrum is shown in Fig. 2a. The overall MS/MS spectrum was very simple for this sample with the low mass ions m/z 43 and m/z 70 attributed to the fragments shown in Fig. 3.

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