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New Series of NMR Spectrometers JNM-ECZ


New NMR spectroscopic methods continue to be developed for many different purposes, particularly for research. However, to achieve good result s, the complex pulse sequences of ten require high precision RF control depending on the application or properties of the samples to be analyzed. At the same time, the demand for routine NMR measurements, for example in the fields of quality control and simple analysis, is remarkable, thus leading to requests for NMR to be a more ‘user-friendly’ technique.

Older, conventional NMR systems used analog technologies that would have led to relatively large instruments. However, the use of digital technologies has been advancing and this has enabled development of next-generated NMR systems with increased functionality, higher performance and greater expandability as well as providing improved general versatility.

In order to meet these demands and to anticipate future development of NMR measurements, JEOL RESONANCE Inc has developed a new NMR system, the JNM-ECZ series (* Notice) . Building on the experience of the JNM-ECAII/ECXII/ECS series, the JNM-ECZ series uses fully integrated cutting-edge digital technologies. In this report, some of the hardware features of the JNM-ECZ spectrometers (ZETA) are introduced.

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