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Qualitative Analysis of Calcium Oxalate Using TG-MS System

Product: JMS-Q1500GC GC/MS System


A thermogravimetry/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA) system is used to measure weight changes and relative temperatures of samples under programmed heat conditions. A system combining TG/DTA with mass spectrometry (MS) is called a TG-MS system, and is considered one of the best qualitative and quantitative analysis systems for inorganic materials because it can measure sample conditions, evolved gas species, and gas volume simultaneously. In this application note, we introduce the basic application of analyzing calcium oxalate using the TG-MS “STA2500 Regulus” system (NETZSCH) and the GC/QMS “JMS-Q1500GC” system (JEOL).

Equipment and software

The TG/DTA and gas chromatography/MS (GC/MS) are connected by an inactivated fused-silica capillary tube in the TG transfer line, which is kept at a high temperature. The evolved gases from TG/DTA are introduced into the MS through this tube, which allows the system to measure both MS and TG signals simultaneously. Joint-analysis TG/DTA–GC/MS software can import TG/DTA and MS data, respectively. Consequently, it is possible to correlate weight change results with qualitative-analysis results for evolved gases.

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