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Air Isolated Transfer System

Latest Innovation in our FE SEMs


There are a number of applications where scientists and engineers are faced with air or moisture sensitive samples that require imaging and analysis using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Applications include: components in rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and catalysts among others. Any exposure to oxygen or moisture in the air can completely alter or destroy the structure of these highly reactive materials. JEOL has built a special air-lock system that can handle the transfer of air-sensitive specimens to be imaged in the SEM without atmospheric exposure.

The sample can be prepared, mounted on the holder, and covered with a cap while inside a glove box. The cap seals and isolates the sample from the environment.

The sample holder (w/cap) is then removed from the glovebox and transferred into the load lock of the SEM. After the airlock is evacuated, the user can open the cap and put the sample into the FE-SEM without air exposure.

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