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Stage Navigation System

Effortless sample navigation using JEOL’s Stage Navigation System (SNS). This system includes a high resolution, color CMOS camera mounted on the top of the SEM sample chamber, which captures a picture of the sample mounted on the stage. From this color picture, the user can control the position of the sample.

Fully embedded and integrated within the SEM software, simply click on the area of interest and the stage will move to that spot. Zoom in and pan around for locating the area of interest with pin point accuracy. No calibration or alignments are required by the user.

Cross hairs on the color image indicate the sample position under the electron beam.

The SNS images can be saved and recalled for navigation at a later date.

SNS is standard on our JSM-IT500HR and JSM-IT500 series SEMs and an option on our JSM-IT200 series SEMs.

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