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Tilt Rotation Motor Drive Holder MP-01330TRMH

JCM-7000 NeoScope™The Tilt Rotation Motor Drive Holder (TRMH) is a motorized specimen holder designed for the JCM-7000, NeoScope™. This holder provides tilt and rotation capability during image observation. Installing this holder allows for 4 axis motor control.

All controls are through the software interface. The TRMH provides 360° continuous rotation as well as the ability to tilt a specimen from -10° to +45°. Control the tilt angle from the stage graphic or numerically input a tilt angle.

This holder can be mounted in two orientations, which changes the tilt axis direction, allowing for maximum flexibility when working with specimens that have a lot of topographic relief. Therefore, the specimen orientation can be easily optimized for both imaging and EDS analysis.

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