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Analysis of Scotch Whiskey and Tequila Samples by Solid-Phase Microextraction and High-Resolution GC/MS


Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) is a convenient sample preparation method for extracting organic compounds from aqueous samples. The combination of SPME with gas chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry provides powerful capabilities for the analysis of alcoholic beverages.

Two samples of Scotch whiskey and one tequila sample were sampled by using solid-phase microextraction for analysis by high-resolution GC/MS. Sample 1 was a blended 12-year old light Scotch whiskey, while sample 2 was a 12-year old single-malt light Scotch whiskey. The tequila sample was a popular brand that is widely sold in the USA. Compounds were extracted and identified by GC/MS with library search. Exact mass measurements provided elemental compositions for molecular ions and fragment ions.

Solid-Phase Microextraction

A Supelco 2cm-50/30μm DVB Carboxen/PDMS StableFlex SPME Fiber Assembly mounted in a manual SPME holder was immersed in each sample for approximately 5 minutes and then desorbed into the GC injector port at 250°C for 2 minutes.

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