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Comparison Analysis of Vinyl Acetate Resins by Using Pyrolysis-GC-TOFMS - MSTips 329


As the performance of mass spectrometers has improved, the demand for differential analysis of trace components in materials has increased. To address this trend, we have added a new differential analysis function to msFineAnalysis, our automated qualitative analysis software specifically designed for GC-HRTOFMS data. In this work we used msFineAnalysis to compare Vinyl Acetate Resins that were measured by using Pyrolysis (Py)-GC-MS.

Analysis detail

Two commercially available Vinyl Acetate Resins (adhesives) (A, B) were used as samples. In order to conduct statistical comparison analysis, GC/EI measurements were performed for n=5. As the condition for differential classification, p-value (an index: the smaller the p-value, the higher the statistical reproducibility) ≦5% and fold change (intensity ratio between samples ) ≧1.5 were used to perform differential analysis by using msFineAnalysis. The Table 1 shows the measurements condition details.

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