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Comprehensive 2D GC coupled with JEOL GC-HRTOFMS: GCxGC Applications


  • Diesel Fuel Analysis by GCxGC/EI (Hydrocarbon Classification)
  • Biomarker Analysis by GCxGC/PI (Target Analysis using 2D EICC)
  • Type Analysis by GCxGC/FI (Hydrocarbon Type Analysis)
  • Synthetic Polymer Analysis by Pryolysis GCxGC/EI and FI (Unknown Compounds Analysis in Nylon 66)
  • Additives Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and FI (Targeted Additives Analysis in Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)
  • Natural Polymer Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and PI (Powerful Separation of the Main Components in a Japanese Lacquer Film)
  • Soluble Organic Fraction Analysis by GCxGC/EI (Analysis of PAHs in Exhaust Gas)
  • Electronic Waste Analysis by GCxGC/EI and Negative CI (Halogenated Compounds Analysis)
  • Aroma Oil (Fragrance) Analysis by GCxGC/EI and FI (Molecular ion detection for Alcohol compounds)
  • Sebum Analysis by GCxGC/EI (Pharmaceutical application)

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