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GCxGC-EI and GCxGC-FI Measurements Using the EI-FI Combination Ion Source


Comprehensive 2-dimensional GC (GC x GC) provides higher-separation capabilities for complex mixtures than the typical 1-dimensional GC measurements. However, this technique requires high speed data acquisition, e. g. > 20 Hz, for the GC detectors due to the shorter 2nd GC column (comparable to those used for the ultra-fast GC measurements) which elutes samples within just a few seconds.

Recently, JEOL has developed a new generation GC-HRTOFMS system called the “AccuTOF GCv 4G”. The AccuTOF GCv 4G has high sensitivity, high resolution, high mass accuracy and high speed data acquisition, all simultaneously. Also JEOL has developed a unique EI/FI combination ion source for this system which provides the capabilities of GC/EI and GC/FI measurements without having to break vacuum in order to switch between each ionization mode. Additionally, this combination is particularly powerful in that it provides library searchable fragmentation information by using EI and high mass accuracy molecular ion information by using FI.

In this work, we measured diesel fuel using both the GC x GC/EI and GC x GC/FI techniques on the AccuTOF GCv 4G.

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