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Introduction of latest GC/HR-TOFMS system: JMS-T200GC AccuTOF GCx - High Mass Resolution


JEOL has recently announced a 4th generation GC/HR-TOFMS system, the JMS-T200GC AccuTOF GCx, in 2015. The AccuTOF-GCx offers high sensitivity, high mass resolving power, high mass accuracy, and a wide dynamic range in combination with high-speed data acquisition.

In this application note, we show the high mass resolution that can be obtained with this latest GC/HR-TOFMS system.

Results and Discussion

We measured perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA) introduced through the reservoir of the heated volatiles inlet. A resolving power of 10,000 was easily obtained for the m/z 614 peak (Figure 2).

Next, we checked the mass separation for a doublet comprised of the peaks corresponding to C6F11+ (PFK) and C7H21O4Si4+ (GC column background). In comparison with the original 1st-generation model, the “AccuTOF GC” (with only a mass resolving power of 5,000), the 4th-generation model “AccuTOF GCX” has over 10,000 mass resolving power (Figure 3).

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