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Introduction of latest GC/HR-TOFMS system: JMS-T200GC AccuTOF-GCx - High Mass Accuracy and Stability


JEOL has recently announced a 4th generation GC/HR-TOFMS system, the JMS-T200GC AccuTOF-GCx, in 2015. The AccuTOF-GCx offers high sensitivity, high mass resolving power, high mass accuracy, and a wide dynamic range in combination with high-speed data acquisition.

In this application note, we show we show high mass accuracy and m/z stability using this latest GC/HR-TOFMS system.

Results and Discussion

We made 100 replicate splitless injections of a 100fg/µL solution of octafluoronaphthalene (OFN) and acquired the mass spectra in electron ionization (EI) mode. All data were mass-calibrated with a one-point drift compensation by using a background column-bleed ion from the capillary column (m/z 281.05114: C7H21O4Si4+) as a lock mass.

We obtained excellent reproducibility for the mass accuracy for the OFN molecular ion (C10F8+, m/z 271.9867 ) . All 100 measurements were within +/- 1 mDa using the column-bleed drift compensation (Figure 2).

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