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NMR Spectrometer Z Series

The JNM-ECZR NMR spectrometer (JNM-ECZR series), a member of the JNM-ECZ series of instruments, is a new research system that fully incorporates the latest digital and high frequency technologies. Highly reliable, yet in a more compact size made possible by incorporating advanced integrated circuits, it supports even greater expandability options than past models for multi-channel operation, high power amplifiers and other accessories. The bus line for control of attachments has been upgraded to even higher speed and enables highly accurate and rapid control.

Major Features


The JNM-ECZ series has two models; the high-end model (JNM-ECZR) offering wide expandability, and the entry level model (JNM-ECZS) with the same characteristics but in an ultra-compact chassis. Please discuss with your local JEOL representative to select which model is optimized for your purpose.

Highly stable spectrometer enabling high speed and high accuracy

The JNM-ECZ NMR spectrometer is equipped with JEOL RESONANCE’s newly developed Smart Transceiver System (STS), which uses a fusion of the latest integrated digital circuit and high frequency technologies. By fully implementing the multisequencer which has been cultivated from earlier models, it can manage 8 frequency sources as standard. All frequency sources are freely and simultaneously controllable for phase, amplitude and frequency at high switching speeds. The single board STS employed in the JNM-ECZ series provides long-term reliability of spectrometer, measurement stability, high digital accuracy of all transmitter and receiver frequencies, as well as contributing to the substantial downsizing of the spectrometer. It can not only execute all pulse programs used in routine work, but also execute very complex pulse programs with ease. Pulse sequence editing is also possible for pulse programs developed in the future.

Excellent Expandability

The STS transceiver consists of a single circuit board that can be described as an NMR system by itself, and can transmit 8 frequencies. However, in the JNM-ECZR model, the STS itself can be expanded to control more than 30 frequencies and yet is still contained within the compact spectrometer chassis. This high degree of expandability gives JNM-ECZR the ability to accommodate future hardware requirements.

An NMR in the Network Age

With the JNM-ECZ series, the spectrometer and workstation each have their own independent computers, being connected through a network. Therefore, measurements are possible by any authorized computer and user on the network. Since the spectrometer computer executes all measurements and initial data storage, it does not have any problem in continuing measurement and storage in the event of a network failure.

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