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NMR Spectrometer Z

The ECZS NMR spectrometer (JNM-ECZS series) has functionality and performance of the high-end ECZR series, yet in a compact, space saving design. Through the combination of advanced software with highly reliable hardware, all routine measurements can be automated. Using high sensitivity auto tune probes, including the optional SuperCOOL probe which features cryogenically cooled technologies, JNM-ECZS affords the world’s best-in-class sensitivity. The high performance can be demonstrated in many application fields.

Major Features

Smallest spectrometer in the world*

The JNM-ECZS spectrometer incorporates the instrumental performance normally only found in high end research models. However, the main spectrometer chassis has a footprint of only 57% of comparable JNM-ECS instruments, thus making it the smallest NMR spectrometer operating at 400 MHz in the world. In combination with superconducting magnets (SCM) which feature ultra-small stray magnetic fields, a more flexible installation layout is possible. *Compared to 400 MHz NMR spectrometers as of March 2015.

Advanced architecture using STS

The JNM-ECZS spectrometer is equipped with JEOL’s newly-developed Smart Transceiver System (STS), which uses a fusion of the latest integrated digital circuit and high frequency technologies. By implementing the STS technology and the multi-sequencer which has been cultivated from earlier models, the standard 8 frequency sources are freely controllable regardless of whether they are synchronized or not. It cannot only execute all pulse programs used in routine work in a stress-free manner, but also execute very complex pulse programs with ease. Pulse sequence editing is also possible. 

High stability and high accuracy digital spectrometer

The JNM-ECZS spectrometer provides fully digital control of RF generation, NMR lock and shim units, in order to maintain the high stability essential for high quality spectra. The excellent stability of the spectrometer can be demonstrated in its power of solvent suppression and difference spectra measurement, enabling the acquisition of many types of NMR spectra easily.


The ROYALPROBETM has been designed based on the essence of JEOL’s probe technologies and is the standard probe supplied with the spectrometer. It achieves a 1H sensitivity approximately double that of existing auto tune direct detection probes. Users benefit from both the ease of use and a much reduced measurement time particularly in a modern NMR measurement facility which requires speed and performance. In addition, specialty probes such as cryogenic probes and triple-resonance probes are available as options. Please talk to your local JEOL specialist for your application.


The ROYALPROBETM HFX is an unprecedented room-temperature probe that performs switching between double-resonance and triple-resonance modes. Purchasing a
ROYALPROBETM HFX in combination with high performance of the NMR spectrometer Z, makes it possible to record 13C-{1H}{19F}, 1H-{19F}, etc. In the current NMR measurement sites, which require analysis of fluorinated compounds, this innovative ROYALPROBETM HFX is an optimum probe.

Latest software and automation technology

The JNM-ECZS spectrometer uses the latest version of “Delta” software for both spectrometer control and for data processing. The excellent automation interface of Delta, together with gradient shimming applied as standard for each sample, ensures automatic measurements yield optimized resolution in a simple operation. When combined with an auto sample changer and auto tuning, all routine measurements can be automated.

Network spectrometer

The JNM-ECZS spectrometer is truly a networked device. The spectrometer can be operated separately from the operation terminal and can be controlled from any computer on the network.

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