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The AccuTOFTM Orthogonal API Ion Source: Stability when Phosphate Buffer is Used

JEOL recently introduced a new-generation LC/TOFMS system (the “AccuTOF™”)with a wider dynamic range than conventional LC-TOF MS systems. The increased dynamic range of the AccuTOF provides qualitative and quantitative analysis with the increased accuracy and resolution of an LC/TOFMS system.

While the AccuTOF preserves the benefits of TOF MS, such as high sensitivity, high resolution and high mass accuracy, it also features a durable orthogonal API source with long-term stability and easy maintenance.

Here, we describe the features of the orthogonal API source. We also demonstrate the ability to operate the AccuTOF for an extended period in the presence of a nonvolatile phosphate buffer often used for LC Analysis.

Compared with the conventional API source, an orthogonal API source is highly resistant to contamination. The orthogonal geometry and off-axis design of the JEOL interface protect the analyzer from contamination and exposure to liquid droplets from the API sources.

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