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Tissue imaging with high mass-resolving power and high-energy CID

The JMS-S3000 is based on JEOL's proprietary SpiralTOF ion optic system that offers the highest resolving power available in a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer. The unique properties of the SpiralTOF provide a new level of performance in MALDI imaging.

High resolution mass spectrometry imaging

In MALDI imaging mass spectrometry, the sample is moved beneath the focused laser beam to create a time-dependent series of mass spectra where each time corresponds to a specific spatial location. Analysis of the data allows the researcher to visualize the spatial distribution of specific compounds on the sample surface. Because the SpiralTOF’s 17-meter flight path minimizes the effect of topographic variations on the sample surface, high mass-resolving power can be maintained for tissue imaging.

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