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NMR Innovation: A Manufacturer’s Perspective on Analytical Advances and New Applications

The pace of NMR hardware developments continues to accelerate and recent innovations in NMR probes and the establishment of new applications mean that NMR is set to increase in importance. A shift to real-time analysis and an increasing demand for rapid screening techniques confirm NMR as one of the key techniques for most analytical chemists. Quantitative applications are adding a further dimension to NMR application in several industries where the technique has not previously been routine. Furthermore, as sensitivity continues to increase, and new probe development advances, NMR has become a “go-to” method for those working in life sciences and ’omics, as well as biopharmaceuticals and small-molecule drug development and manufacture.

A technique with its roots in the 1930s has matured to become a mainstream analytical tool in 2018, with an exciting future ahead.

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