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Fraction base-KMD plots for a high-MW - S3000 - MSTips - 283

High molecular weight polymers are often MS-silent due to their inherent high dispersity (DM) or detected in the high mass range with low resolving power. An "on-plate" alkaline degradation has thus been developed as a sample pre-treatment on the MALDI target with tenths of ng of polymer to cut long industrial polyester chains into short oligomers amenable to MALDI-HRMS.

High Sensistivity Analysis of Intact Proteins using Linear TOF

The JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF has a unique 17m flight path that offers then highest resolution MALDI-TOF MS system currently available. However, ions with a very short lifetime or that undergo spontaneous dissociation during their flight cannot be detected by the SpiralTOF (or a conventional reflection TOF). To address this situation, the SpiralTOF with Linear TOF option can be used for the high sensitivity analysis of intact proteins.

Evolved Gas Analysis of Iron Powder using a TG/DTA System with a High-resolution Multi-turn Mass Spectrometer

Thermogravimetry/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA) systems are often used to analyze the thermal behavior of metal materials. These systems measure changes in sample weight as they relate to programmed oven temperatures. It is generally known that during the measurement process, as the weight decreases, gases are evolved.

Direct Analysis of a Methanol Flame by using a Compact High-Resolution Multi-Turn Mass Spectrometer

The InfiTOF™ is a compact high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) that has a unique multi-turn ion optics system capable of providing a variable-length ion-flight path (up to 200m) in a very compact analyzer (20cm x 20cm). As a result of this, the InfiTOF allows the user to choose a resolving power based on path length in order to separate similar mass gas components like carbon monoxide and nitrogen as CO+ (m/z 27.9949) and N2+ (m/z 28.0062).

Analysis of Reaction Gases in a PECVD Chamber: Reaction Analysis using a High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is an evaporation technique that forms various thin films on a substrate using a material gas in a low-vacuum chamber. PECVD, which decomposes the material gas via plasma, is widely used to develop silicon, silicon oxide, and silicon nitride films in semiconductor device fabrication.

Comprehensive 2D GC coupled with JEOL GC-HRTOFMS: GCxGC Applications

Diesel Fuel Analysis by GCxGC/EI (Hydrocarbon Classification); Biomarker Analysis by GCxGC/PI (Target Analysis using 2D EICC); Type Analysis by GCxGC/FI (Hydrocarbon Type Analysis); Synthetic Polymer Analysis by Pryolysis GCxGC/EI and FI (Unknown Compounds Analysis in Nylon 66); Additives Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and FI (Targeted Additives Analysis in Nitrile Butadiene Rubber); Natural Polymer Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and PI (Powerful Separation of the Main Components in a Japanese Lacquer Film); Soluble Organic Fraction Analysis by GCxGC/EI (Analysis of PAHs in Exhaust Gas); Electronic Waste Analysis by GCxGC/EI and Negative CI (Halogenated Compounds Analysis); Aroma Oil (Fragrance) Analysis by GCxGC/EI and FI (Molecular ion detection for Alcohol compounds); Sebum Analysis by GCxGC/EI (Pharmaceutical application)

Analysis of Pesticides in a Hemp Matrix

Hemp is a strain of Cannabis sativa that has multiple industrial uses including paper, plastics, woven goods, and even food. While certain strains of Cannabis sativa are well-known for their use as a recreational drug due the presence of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp strains are defined by the U.S. federal government as those that contain less than 0.3% THC.1 Additionally, hemp strains typically contain more cannabidiol (CBD),2 which was recently approved by the FDA to treat certain types of epilepsy, and is currently being investigated as a medical treatment for other afflictions.

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