JEOL in the News


Scientists use Nanoscale Architecture to make Efficient Solar Cell

A nano-scale solar cell inspired by the coaxial cable offers greater efficiency than any previously designed nanotech thin film solar cell by resolving the "thick & thin" challenge inherent to capturing light and extracting current for solar power.

“The Scream” found in oil shale

Who says science isn’t fun?

Electron Microscopy for Therapeutics

JEOL USA’s ClairScope integrates wide-field optical microscopy with scanning electron microscopy, all while keeping a sample in an open environment.

UTSA unveils new world class microscope

The newest research tool at UTSA is an incredibly powerful microscope.

D2S and JEOL Partner to Reduce Write Times for Advanced Photomask Production

Will enable the use of circular main features and curvilinear assist features on advanced photomasks—essentially extending the use of optical lithography for 22-nanometer-and-below integrated circuit (IC) processing.

Microscope to Further Bolster Nanotech Research

New Instrument Will Enable Researchers to Discern Individual Atoms

UAlbany Scientists Help Solve Garlic Riddle

What happens to garlic at the precise moment you cut it? The seemingly simple question has challenged food scientists and chemists for more than 50 years.

College of Microscopy Brings Researchers Together For Expert-Led Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Workshop

Provide information about the applications of these technologies for materials research and analysis.

New JEOL TEM quickly breaks into picoscale territory

The first transmission electron microscope of its caliber to be installed, the atomic resolution JEOL JEM-ARM200F TEM, arrived at the Univ. of Texas San Antonio in January, and by early February began producing outstanding imaging results.

YouTube Video of Microprobe Installation at FSU

Having a microprobe on campus is going to make a huge difference at Fayetteville State and UNC-Pembroke.