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Forensic Lab Profile: Microtrace Looks Toward ‘Nanotrace’ Evidence

As seen at Forensic®.

Science Debunks Cultural Medicine Myth: Pangolin Scales are Useless

As seen at Forensic®.

Time-of-Flight Method Helps Forensic Analysts Halt Trafficking of Rhino Horns

As seen at Forensic®.

In high resolution: JEOL celebrates platinum anniversary

Bob Pohorenec, the company’s new president, reflects on the market and the challenges ahead.

Japanese collaboration pioneers NMR crystallography for drug discovery

Researchers have integrated whole structure analysis by electron diffraction and local structure analysis by solid-state NMR to observe microcrystals of 0.1–1 μm

ASU researchers study largest impact crater in the US, buried for 35 million years

About 35 million years ago, an asteroid hit the ocean off the East Coast of North America. Its impact formed a 25-mile diameter crater that now lies buried beneath the Chesapeake Bay, an estuary in Virginia and Maryland. From this impact, the nearby area experienced fires, earthquakes, falling molten glass droplets, an air blast and a devastating tsunami.

Researchers produce first-ever videos of chemical synthesis at atomic resolution

For the first time, researchers have managed to view previously inaccessible details of certain chemical processes. They have shown there are significant discrete stages to these processes that build on existing knowledge of chemical synthesis.

Pangolin scales are not a party drug, say researchers

Rumors about the protective armor of the threatened mammal are debunked, as poaching decimates their numbers.

More than One Way to Hit the Bullseye: Lesser Known Ways to Use Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) Mass Spectrometry

As seen in Chromatography Today

An innovative electron microscope overturning common knowledge of 88 years history

Direct atom-resolved imaging of magnetic materials
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