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Synthetic Drug Use in Virginia Varies Dramatically Depending on Where You Live

If you think synthetic drugs are a "city" problem, think again. Police in Virginia say deadly variations are popping up all over the state in places you might not expect.

IMS and JEOL Partner to Provide World’s First Production Multi-Beam Mask Writer

World’s first commercial high volume manufacturing Multi-Beam Mask Writer (MBMW)

Best of 2016: Top Topics in Plant Physiology journal

As seen at

New Electron Beam Lithography equipment at Quantum NanoFab

IQC (Institute for Quantum Computing) at University of Waterloo

Area 404: How Facebook's New Hardware Lab Is Propelling It Into The Future

As seen in Fast Company.

Food Mass Spectrometry

You are what you eat. Ensuring safety and integrity grows ever more complex.

Direct, Real-Time Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Cinnamon

No sample preparation or derivatization required, and samples were analyzed directly from their commercial containers.

Miniaturization in SEM - Tools & Analysis

Dr. Robert Linnen in the column "Ask the Expert," Lab Manager, March 2016. 

JEOL founders honored with Pittcon Heritage Award

2016 Winners: Kenji Kazato and Kazuo Ito

Applying 1H NMR spectroscopy to develop a kinetic model for the transesterification of glycerol fatty acid triesters

As seen in THE NUCLEUS, Vol. XCIV, No. 7
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