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JEOL AccuTOF-DART Used to Detect Banned Drugs for T.V. News

Banned by the DEA and dubbed a dangerous substitute for the real thing, synthetic marijuana was easily found on Boston store shelves by a FOX Undercover hidden camera investigation.

York Scientist is European Laureate

Professor Pratibha Gai at the University of York has been named as the Laureate for Europe in the L’OREAL-UNESCO Women in Science Awards for 2013.

Research shows graphene nanopores can be controlled

Advanced techniques to make the material graphene small enough to read DNA

Scaling New Heights: High-Tech Monitoring Solutions for Better Scale Management

The presence of water in an oil field brings with it the potential for mineral scale formation. Scale deposition from many mineral sources, including calcium carbonate and sulfates of barium, calcium and strontium, creates flow assurance challenges for operators from the near wellbore to production tubing and topside processing equipment. An ideal scale management program maximizes hydrocarbon production and minimizes the cost of scale control, thereby maintaining the economic viability of the operation.

JEOL's Centurio SDD EDS with large solid angle used to detect single atoms within a nanostructure

Researchers in Japan are the first to have succeeded in detecting single atoms using X-ray spectroscopy.

TEM tracks dislocations in graphene

Researchers in the UK and Japan have succeeded in tracking dislocations in graphene – a sheet of carbon atoms just one atom thick – with unprecedented resolution using electron microscopy.

JEOL Debuts New NeoScope SEM at Semicon West

Offers higher magnification than the original NeoScope bench-top version, introduced in 2008.

Tickling Atoms and Testing Theories

"We can look at one atom and probe or ‘tickle’ it to see how it bonds to a neighboring atom. This is unprecedented,” said Robert Klie, associate professor in the Department of Physics.  

Sandia's Ion Beam Laboratory looks at advanced materials for reactors

Rapidly evaluate the tougher advanced materials needed to build the next generation of nuclear reactors and extend the lives of current reactors

Advances in Correlative Microscopy Integrating Optical, X-Ray/CT, and SEM Technologies

Advances in Correlative Microscopy Integrating Optical, X-Ray/CT, and SEM Technologies
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