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Microscopy For Undergrad Chemists

New program offers advanced training and first four-year degree in chemical microscopy

DART scores direct hit: Applying ambient mass spectrometry to forensic drug analysis

US forensic scientists have shown that combining thin layer chromatography (TLC) with a novel form of ambient mass spectrometry known as direct analysis in real time (DART) provides a particularly efficient and effective way to analyze unknown drug samples.

New scanning electron microscope offers nanoscale views

SUNY Oswego recently welcomed a new scanning electron microscope, a key piece of equipment for the sciences complex rising on campus and for recruiting top students who want to learn nanotechnology skills.

JEOL Scientist wins Anachem Award for Outstanding Achievement

Based on activities in teaching, research, administration or other activity which has advanced the art and science of the field

Lehigh University ceramics researchers shed light on metal embrittlement

Collaboration uses Lehigh's advanced electron microscopes to pinpoint phase transition

Scientist of the Week: Brad Jolliff

Jolliff's analysis of new images of the Moon revealed a small volcanic province on the far side of the Moon.

JEOL AccuTOF-DART Mass Spectrometer investigates the secrets of Civil War dolls

JEOL AccuTOF-DART Mass Spectrometer investigates the secrets of Civil War dolls

Chemists dying to uncover historic textiles' secrets

Direct analysis in real time-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (DART-MS) to the four main natural fibres - cotton, wool, linen and silk

JEOL debuts Cold FEG flashing in a few seconds on TEM

JEOL ARM200F Cold FEG TEM offers "Flash & Go"

Decontaminating illicit drug labs: DART speeds up screening

Automated DART process for rapid swab testing
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