JEOL in the News


Advanced Electron Microscopes at Emory Showcase New Phase-Plate Technology

Two state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) from JEOL to provide high-resolution images of viruses, bacteria, tissues and artificial biomaterials

JEOL ClairScope Wins R&D 100 Award

Couples optical microscopy with an atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) in a novel open culture system that retains the samples’ native state while under study.  

Initial Trials on New Ovarian Cancer Tests Exhibit Extremely High Accuracy

New technique involving mass spectrometry of a single drop of blood serum

Imaging Atoms and Revolutionizing Laptop Computers

Chemical & Materials Sciences Division Research Highlights from the University of New Mexico's Center for Micro-Engineered Materials.

JEOL Selects Northwestern as One of Two Sites in the World to Receive Specialized Microscope

Northwestern University’s Biological Imaging Facility (BIF) has been selected as one of two sites in the world to receive a JEOL ClairScope (JASM-6200).

Probing Proteins for Structure

Identifying a protein’s structure offers many benefits to drug discovery and development, and improving technology makes this easier to do.

Scientists use Nanoscale Architecture to make Efficient Solar Cell

A nano-scale solar cell inspired by the coaxial cable offers greater efficiency than any previously designed nanotech thin film solar cell by resolving the "thick & thin" challenge inherent to capturing light and extracting current for solar power.

“The Scream” found in oil shale

Who says science isn’t fun?

Electron Microscopy for Therapeutics

JEOL USA’s ClairScope integrates wide-field optical microscopy with scanning electron microscopy, all while keeping a sample in an open environment.

UTSA unveils new world class microscope

The newest research tool at UTSA is an incredibly powerful microscope.