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Analysis of a Gas Mixture Containing Ammonia and Methane by Using a Compact High-Resolution Multi-Turn Mass Spectrometer


Analysis of a chemical ionization reagent gas consisting of a 5% mixture of ammonia in methane is demonstrated by using the JEOL InfiTOF™ compact high-resolution mass spectrometer. The InfiTOF’s high mass-resolving power clearly separates and identifies isotope peaks and trace water contamination with excellent mass accuracy.

The InfiTOF Compact High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer

The InfiTOF™ is a compact time-of-flight mass spectrometer that is ideal for the high-resolution analysis of gases. The entire InfiTOF system (Figure 1), including the vacuum pumps, is approximately the size of a personal computer tower. Unique multi-turn ion optics (described in the following section) provide detection of ions from m/z 1 (H+) to m/z 1000 with mass resolving power adjustable from unit resolution to greater than 30,000.

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