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Direct analysis of a butane combustion flame by using a high -resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer


Butane is known to be the main component of liquefied petroleum gas and is widely used as a fuel. The elementary mechanistic reactions that occur during premixed butane/air combustion have been investigated through computer simulations. However, there are relatively few experimental mass spectrometric studies that supplement these computer simulations due to the technical challenges of combustion product sampling from within the premixed butane/air flame.

The JMS-MT3010HRGA is a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer the can be used to measure combustion products. In this report, we identified combustion products in the premixed butane/air flame by using the JMS-MT3010HRGA.


The premixed butane/air flame was generated using a commercially butane micro touch. The diffusion flame was generated by introducing an excessive amount air into the touch. Figure 1 shows that JMS-MT3010HRGA connected on a simple sampling tube and combustion products generated in the flame were measured with the Table 1 conditions. The sampling positions of the premixed flames were 5 positions A to E, and the center of each position of the flame was measured (see Fig.2). The diffusion flame was measured in the center of flame position F (see Fig.3).

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